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Dealing With Faulty Heat Pump Compressor

3 Signs Your Heat Pump Compressor Has Gone Bad in Hollywood, FL

February 21, 2022

A compressor is one of the critical elements of the heat pump’s operation. Its principal function is to distribute refrigerant between the indoor and outdoor units. When a compressor is faulty, you’ll notice the following symptoms in your Hollywood, FL, home:

Compressor Vibrates

One symptom of a faulty heat pump compressor is vibrations in the outdoor unit when you turn on the system. It could be an issue with the relay switches or an electrical connection problem.

It’s also possible that the motor’s alignment and mounting are faulty. Defective shaft couplings or a fluctuating electrical current could also cause the compressor to vibrate.

If the compressor is vibrating and the system doesn’t turn on, shut down the heat pump. Call a heating repair service technician to troubleshoot the motor current and capacitor to avoid further damage.

Unusual Sounds

After you start your heat pump, you may hear squealing, crackling or buzzing sounds. It’s not wise to ignore these noises, as they often indicate a severe defect.

The crackling sounds could be from a short circuit within the compressor’s assembly. A sharp squealing noise often indicates the motor bearings need lubrication. Squealing could also be due to internal overheating in the compressor that could trigger a fire.

Insufficient Heating

Finally, a faulty compressor can negatively impact airflow and is often responsible for insufficient heating. The lack of heat could be due to pressure imbalances in the condenser coils, leading to refrigerant leaks. A certified service technician should examine the compressor and recharge the refrigerant where necessary.

If you suspect the compressor is defective, it’s always advisable to consult our certified professionals. Defects within the compressor can cut down the lifespan of your unit and pose electrical hazards in your home. At Cool Running Air, we offer dependable 24/7 emergency services for heat pumps and other heating systems in Hollywood, FL.

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